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Waite on the Ripper - Link to Retailers
Waite on the Blind Angel - Link to Retailers
Waite on the Hero's Journey - Link to Retailers
Waite on the Angel of Death - Link to Retailers
Waite on the Trail of Terror - Link to Retailers
Waite on the Antichrist - Link to Retailers

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The Celestial Wars Trilogy 1-3 - Link to Amazon
The Celestial Wars Trilogy 4-6 - Link to Amazon

I am not particuarly religious, but I borrowed from my Catholic childhood to create a group of celestially powered superheroes and supremely evil bad guys, modeling the pacing after "The Dresden Files" with a heaping helping of "Indiana Jones."

As a one-man show, I write these stories in a vacuum, so your reviews are precious to me. Here are a few I loved reading from the first episode, "Waite on the Ripper"...

Ellen O. - Top Rated Amazon Reviewer - Intriguing

A new writer and was very impressed by his flow of words, almost poetic. Enjoyed and recommend.

PAR - Listen, Watch and Wait! It is already here!

The Ripper starts out slow building up revealing one secret after another that kept me on the edge of my seat wondering and waiting how everything was going to intertwine in the end. There were more twists and turns than a corkscrew staircase. I was drawn in from the first page wondering what was going on as each character was introduced giving us a little insight into each as their stories were revealed.

Judy S. - Great Book!!

Can't wait to read the next book in the series!! I purchased the paperback and couldn't put it down. I was told the narrator had a great voice, so after reading the book I decided to order the audio book as well. I'm so glad I did.

I really enjoyed all of the characters and could see all of them having their own series. I've already recommended this series to several of my friends. Looking forward to completing the series.

Kindle Reviewer - Fantastic

This is a well put together story with adventure and horror combined. Look forward to other tales. 


And this is my favorite review of all, natch...


An awesome rollercoaster ride packed with a plethora of suspense, a supremely EVIL spirit, and one flawed but irresistible-to-love hero! A defining gamechanger for not only the fiction category but for MULTIPLE genres. In short, if you're an avid NEED THIS BOOK! —Larry R.

FYI: Hadn't thought of Harmon as such, but it made sense after I read it. "Flawed hero" is now integrated in my marketing.

Finally, a reviewer nailed it with this headline, "Holy Angel Dust Batman!"

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