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JUST RELEASED: I help keep Austin weird with my newest hero! 

Harmon Waite is a homegrown detective who finds himself drawn into a murder investigation when a rich University of Texas benefactor's daughter is killed.

Waite with his partners, Smoke, a quiet giant of a man, and the mysterious silver-haired Eirian take on a devil of a killer in "Waite on the Ripper."


Releasing August 3rd!

The Blind Angel, aka The Great Deceiver, and his minions 

(an ancient cyclops, a powerful Nephilim, and an enormous dragon)

 may create more mayhem than Harmon Waite or Austin, Texas can survive!


Stories from two decades at Dell


I rode the leading edge of change as the company grew from 5,000 to 138,000 employees to become the largest computer manufacturer in the world!

Great! Well done and thanks!

~ Michael Dell

The largest tech companies in the world are like ships, custom-built to fulfill the dreams of the visionaries at their helm. Michael Dell’s genius is execution and “Speed of Dell” is a longtime catchphrase of his employees.

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Wrapped in Poetry

The story of a young man's struggles to find meaning after the end of love

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The loss of love. The slow fall from grace. The search for redemption.

"A Week of Years" takes you on a poetry driven excursion into a young man's soul. Divided into seven days - each day a different life chapter - this small volume captures the pain of love lost and the struggle to find purpose beyond the end of innocence.


Telling Entertaining Stories

in Various Formats

The Sun Newspaper - Georgetown Country C

Georgetown Country Club has been a defining landmark for over 90 years. My son grew up there and we both love the place, but new developments are springing up all around this once-hidden gem.

Click on the newspaper to read about the history of the club and how one young GM and a nationally famous head golf pro are helping ensure this unique course and country club thrive for decades to come.