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The Celestial Wars

In "The Celestial Wars," every action-packed adventure is an intense ride of faith down a nightmare highway — with the future of all the soul-blessed worlds at stake!


As the series gets under way an ancient evil has invaded Austin and is murdering women. To save his city, Harmon Waite must find his power.

Then hunter becomes hunted, and Harmon knows he's out of time.

Of course, that's when the fallen angel arrives! 



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a Fallen Angel


a Devil


Harmon Waite


all the rest of the Characters


"The Celestial Wars"

I have a story to share...

One of my favorite characters in "The Celestial Wars" series is Azra. He's a Texas small clubs country singer who keeps a low profile because he's also Azrakiel, the Angel of Justice.

In chapter two of my sixth novel, "Waite on the Antichrist," I used a poem that has a lot of meaning for me as the words for an off-the-cuff ballad Azra performs just for Harmon and Eirian. 


Of course, I have a narrator who's been a singer all his life, so Dan Johnson naturally rejiggered my poem into a real song. 


I was delighted! 

I Love You StillDan Johnson
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John Campbell Author

John Campbell - author

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Waite on the Ripper social media 2.jpg

Waite on the Ripper


What if I told you Jack The Ripper is a supernatural devil?


Free and Easy Preview Link 

Waite on the Blind Angel social media 1.

Waite on the Blind Angel


Harmon Waite must find a way to outwit the most devious fallen angel of them all!

Waite on the Hero's Journey social media

Waite on the Hero's Journey


Every true hero has a journey to make, and an extraordinary evil to face!

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Waite on the Angel of Death


What do you do when a fallen archangel traps you on a planet that wants to kill you?

Waite on the Trail of Terror socmed.jpg

Waite on the Trail of Terror


Harmon has taken out Asmodeus, but can he survive the end-of-days terrors loosed by that mad archangel's fall?

Waite on the Antichrist socmed.jpg

Waite on the Antichrist

Harmon Waite has always been a resourceful hero, but he and his team are up against the wrong enemy this time—And The End is closing in!

Want to hear a story about Smoke's near-mythic early adventures performed by the series narrator, Dan Johnson?

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