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"Angels take heart from the sight of God, but man's strength comes from faith."

~ excerpt from "A Week of Years" by John C Campbell

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Waite on the Ripper will be published on Amazon this week!


A Modern Supernatural Fantasy Adventure


Evil has invaded my city!
I’m Harmon Waite, a Texas-born private investigator. When Jenny Summers is murdered, her wealthy father demands I find her killer. Then hunter becomes hunted, and my world descends into a living nightmare. I can't stop, or the blood of The Ripper’s next victim will be on my hands. 

Fortunately, fate brings me together with two extraordinary warriors. Smoke is a mountain of a man, part Cherokee, part healer. Eirian, is an incomparable swordmaster. With them at my side, I might even stand a chance against The Ripper. 
Of course, that's when the fallen angels show up. 

Waite on the Ripper is one rapid, intense roller-coaster ride of a story!” 


This is the first in a series of escalating adventures that will lead Harmon Waite inevitably into The Celestial Wars...The soul-blessed worlds will never be the same. 


The last year has been spent working on my first three novels in a twelve book arc. The main character is a homegrown Austin detective by the name of Harmon Waite. 

Why three books before I go to market? 

Well, optimizing Amazon's search engine requires multiple books with the "rapid release" of titles, and the bottom line is, I just don't write that fast.

The city of Austin in 1987, plays a big part in the series and Harmon's universe is appropriately "weird." The first three titles are, Waite on the RipperWaite on the Blind Angel," and Waite on the Hero's Journey


I am working on Waite on the Angel of Death now, while also handling the multitudes of publishing-related tasks:


  • Working with 100 Covers on all the book covers and formatting.

  • Creating the first draft of WOR with my Audible narrator, Dan Johnson.

  • Preparing ad campaigns for Amazon.

  • Recreating this website so it is more author focused.

  • Getting together a few goodies for anyone signing up for our monthly newsletter.


When not working on the series, I create digital advertising campaigns and websites to tell stories in compelling ways...  

Chrome Water Damage Restoration is all about motivating someone to call when they have a flood emergency.

Lesdon & Associates is run by a couple of highly experienced business brokers and their website needed to make that apparent.

A Video/Photography and Sound Studio are available in-house at The Creative Now. And, we have been known to go onsite for interesting projects, like this TV pilot...