"Neither right nor wrong, it is the pain of choice creates distinction within this human race." 

~ excerpt from "A Week of Years" by John C Campbell

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Ben Kern, star of our "Historic Golf Courses of Texas" pilot, qualified for, then went on to win "Low Club Professional" at the 100th PGA Major Championship last year. The PGA put together this short video to memorialize Ben Kern's epic win.

In case you missed it, here is our pilot episode, featuring Mr. Kern...

Projects Update

I continue having fun with the Forums Section. My latest post is a tidbit from one of the two Dallas Cowboys heydays that I was lucky enough to witness.

fyi: Their other heyday was during the Aikman years. For me, that one was all about friends, pitchers of beer, and big-screen TVs at Milo Butterfinger's on Greenville Avenue in Dallas.

On a more commercial note, our company is deep-diving into Google, Facebook, Youtube, and other Ads platforms as we create digital advertising campaigns for companies. Building websites that tell stories is the second critical part of every project:  

  • Chrome Water Damage Experts is all about getting people to take action in an emergency.

  • Lesdon & Associates helps people who are buying or selling a business to understand the kind of expert service they can get from a skilled and savvy brokerage team.

  • Elemental Captures shows off Kent Campbell's ability to creatively master a wide variety of drone projects.


For more info, check out our Digital Ads tab.

Back on the writer's front, I am just finishing book two in my Austin detective series. It is tentatively titled, Waite on the Blind Angel. It proved to be a very different book to write from the first one, Waite on the Ripper. I am already 7k words into book three, Waite on the Hero. It is a more archetypal hero's journey. I am getting Harmon Waite ready to take on the challenges of a larger Universe.

Glad I am waiting to publish until after that third one is written. I am learning my craft in the meantime and will do one more rewrite on all three books before I GTM. 

Keeping the link to my favorite book below. It was a real labor of love, polished by the years gone by. Complimentary posts can be found in my short series, A Love Story

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