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"Angels take heart from the sight of God, but man's strength comes from faith."

~ excerpt from "A Week of Years" by John C Campbell

Projects Updates

2019 was spent working on my first three novels in a series of books about a homegrown Austin detective by the name of Harmon Waite. They are almost completed and should start appearing on Amazon shortly.

Why three books before I publish? 

Well, to work most effectively for an author, Amazon's search engine requires multiple books with the "rapid release" of titles being optimal, and bottom line, I just don't write that fast.

The city of Austin, as it was back in 1987, plays a big part in the series and Harmon's universe is appropriately "weird." The first title is, "Waite on the Ripper," to be followed by "Waite on the Blind Angel," then "Waite on the Hero," the final novel in the trilogy (although, if sales support it, not the end of the series). 

Next up on the author front is choosing book covers, finding an Audible narrator, figuring out the ad campaign which will focus on Amazon SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and getting my goodie machine up and running for anyone signed up for our monthly newsletter.


Hop Onboard! 

In addition to unique content and freebies for members, the newsletter will have regular Harmon updates. To give you a taste, here is the murder scene in Chapter Two that really gets "Waite on the Ripper" rolling. 

Most of the time, when I'm not working on the series, I am helping create digital advertising campaigns and build websites that tell stories in compelling ways...  

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A Video/Photography and Sound Studio are now available in-house at The Creative Now. And, we have been known to go onsite for interesting projects, like this TV pilot... 

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 "A Week of Years," is a story wrapped in poetry about a young man's struggle to find meaning after the end of love.

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 "Riding on the Coattails of Genius," tells stories from two decades working at Dell. While I there, I loved riding the leading edge of change as Dell grew from 5,000 to 138,000 employees to become the largest computer manufacturer in the world!

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