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The Celestial Wars

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Waite on the Ripper - Audiobook Cover
Waite on the Blind Angel - AI Video
Waite on the Hero's Journey - AI Video
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Waite on the Angel of Death - AI Video
Waite on the Trail of Terror - AI Video
Waite on the Antichrist - AI Video

Waite on the Realms of the Lost Gods - Coming Soon!

Waite on the Realms of the Lost Gods - Ai Video

One awesome rollercoaster ride packed with a plethora of suspense, a supremely EVIL spirit, and one flawed but irresistible to love hero! A defining gamechanger for not only the fiction category, but for MULTIPLE genres. In short, if you're an avid NEED THIS BOOK!


Can't wait to read the next book in the series!! I purchased the paperback and couldn't put it down. I was told the narrator had a great voice, so after reading the book I decided to order the audio book as well. I'm so glad I did.

I really enjoyed all of the characters and could see all of them having their own series. I've already recommended this series to several of my friends. 


Holy Angel Dust Batman!

I have read both current sets in this series, and loved both. The characters are vivid and often funny, even the bad guys. Lots of action and gore. Harmon and his group can really kick the bad guys butts.


I am not an auditory person I need a narrator who can capture my attention and hold it. I was astonished.! This narrator was able to do this. The story concept was unlike any I've encountered; the characters were realistically different, the plot twists were totally unexpected...kept me in questioning suspenseful anticipation till nearly the last page!


A thriller indeed. 


The Ripper starts out slow building up revealing one secret after another that kept me on the edge of my seat wondering and waiting how everything was going to intertwine in the end. There were more twists and turns than a cork screw staircase.


Fast-moving and has a pulp-fiction feel. A hard-boiled, ham-fisted private detective in a supernatural crime thriller, both throwback and trendy. Strong character development, vivid narrative. Just enough religious tone to add some depth. Short and devilishly sweet.


Such a talented writer! This was my first book in this genre, and the story is so engaging and full of tension - nearly every chapter ends on a cliffhanger.


The descriptions of hell were terrifying, fresh, and so believable. And not to mention the narration was ON POINT and really brought this story to life!


This urban fantasy series just keeps getting better and better


New Boxsets Available on Amazon & Audible

The Celestial Wars Trilogy 1-3 - Link to Amazon
The Celestial Wars Trilogy 4-6 - Link to Amazon

The Entire Celestial Wars Series Performed by Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson Narrator

One of my favorite characters in The Celestial Wars is Azrakiel. He's the Angel of Justice, but he loves music, so he side gigs as a country western singer (a nod to my narrator's main occupation).

In "Waite on the Antichrist," I used one of my old poems from "A Week of Years" as the words for a ballad Azra sings. 

Dan rejiggered that poem into a real song for the story. I was delighted... 

I Love You StillDan Johnson
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The Celestial Wars in the Metaverse

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Every episode in "The Celestial Wars" has been extensively revised!

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