John C. Campbell, Writer of Detective Fantasy

According to Wikipedia, the detective genre is a “subgenre of crime fiction in which a detective or investigator - professional, amateur, or retired, embarks on a journey of discovery. Often driven by a mysterious crime, we follow the detective as he explores the strange and terrible aspects of his fellow-creatures, and struggles with his own dark aspects, secrets, and skeletons, on a journey that is essentially redemptive.


The detective genre is possibly the most uniquely American of all fiction genres. He is a hero of the kind who performs an essential governmental function - crime prevention and “law” enforcement. But he does not do what he does with the controlling mentality of the “state.” He does what he does from a drive to protect the good, expose and destroy evil - and to serve his fellow humans in the only way he knows how


As a seeker of truth, the Detective is always in conflict with forces that seek to do harm through deception, secrecy, and crime. In this regard, the detective is the compatriot of every person who seeks truth and the good of others.


As a writer, being moved to write a Book About Detective Fantasy, hit me as somewhat of a surprise. With my first love being poetry, writing genre fiction was not exactly an intuitive step. But in the fullness of time, the indispensable fun of these kinds of stories has an ineffable draw for all of us.


It is a playful, fanciful, and dreamlike way to approach the hero’s journey which speaks to the nature of the realist through the “hard-boiled” personality of the detective who - at the end of the day is a working-class man, seeking to protect his community from evil.


It’s been a weird journey- but I’ll never go back.