Why am I giving away such an excellent tablet? 


What’s the “catch?”


First off, too many people give away cheap tablets, doesn’t appeal to me. Expect it probably doesn’t appeal to you either.

More importantly, I am an author in search of fans, and giving away something nice is a great way to get a bunch more eyes on my work. I expect some of you will enjoy the stories and stick around. If they’re not your cup of tea, I still wish you luck on the tablet giveaway. Contest ends on 5/23. Winner will be chosen at random by King Sumo on 5/29…





So, what’s an example of my writing?


Well, when I pulled out my pocketful of good stories about working for Michael Dell for 22 years and wrote, “Riding on the Coattails of Genius,” Michael read the book and emailed me to say, “Great! Well done, and thanks!.”


Today, I’m having fun with a very Texas take on a supernatural storyline. It’s set here in Austin, but it’s all about The Celestial Wars. It's on Kindle, paperback, and Audible. Country singer/songwriter, Dan Johnson, narrates and his performances have been genius (I go from 4.5 stars on Amazon to 5 stars across the entire series on Audible)…


Click here for a sixty-second excerpt from “Waite on the Hero’s Journey.”


If it all sounds interesting, you can find me on Amazon, or below is a short story you can hear for free when you become a member (that’s also free and includes many future giveaways). It’s a short story of mythic proportions and is one of our best collaborations yet…


“Cowboys, Indians—and a Devil”

Questions? It’s a lonely occupation, so please don’t hesitate. 😊