My Cures for Migraines and Insomnia

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

I’ve tried everything from doctor’s prescriptions to herbal remedies and nothing ever really helped cure (without nasty side effects) either my migraines, or my bouts with insomnia.

For me it’s, get a migraine, expect life to be hell for the next couple days. Blessedly, I don’t get them often. Wish I could say the same for my restless nights, which were seemingly inevitable weekly occurrences.

That is, until a few weeks ago, when my sister Cathy was here at the same time one of my rare migraines started taking over my world. She pulled a bottle of Hyland’s Migraine Relief tablets out of her purse. I put a few under my tongue, then sat still in wonder and awe as, in about sixty seconds, that stupid migraine drained away, then disappeared completely. It was a minor miracle and it naturally made me ask myself a question, “What else can homeopathics do for me?”

It was time to experiment and hey, homeopathics are cheap. I bought solutions for energy enhancement, backache relief, and sleeplessness. The energy pills didn’t seem to have much effect, the backache relief ones helped with minor back pain after a round of golf, but it was the sleeplessness remedy that proved to be the next big difference maker for me.

Directions said take two or three, so I dissolved two under my tongue that first night. Not a bad taste. Thirty minutes later I was goofy tired. I went to bed, slept hard, and woke up still feeling groggy. The next night I tried just one pill, but remained lethargic during the day. I am down to half a pill now. Every day I wake up feeling rested and more peaceful. It is another miracle for me.

I used to have a genius doctor who prescribed homeopathics decades ago, but I had forgotten how effective they can be. I am no doctor and don’t understand the science (whoever wrote this Wikipedia article trashed the whole idea of homeopathics), but you can’t beat empirical evidence. Hyland’s premixed homeopathic remedies work for me. My wide awake witching hours are, at this point, a thing of the past. And I can guarantee you that, the next time I feel a bad headache coming on, I am headed for those migraine relief pills double-quick.

Will report back when that happens. In the meantime, does anyone else have experience with homeopathic remedies?

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