Excerpt from "Riding on the Coattails of Genius" - A Giant Ship of Resources

Try to imagine the breadth and depth of resources a company the size of Dell Technologies brings to the table: Tens of thousands of smart, focused individuals, a global point of view, not limited to any one region, but pulling in best practices from all over the world, a company that is patent-rich and sits on many standards boards, a company that leads in so many areas it helps define the future. Partners should think of Dell as a giant ship of resources that can help their reach, exceed their grasp.

Dealing with Dell’s many components can be as confusing as dealing with the government, but if you take the time and energy to learn what’s available and how to leverage it (like some of Dell’s sharpest Partners have done), you can build entire businesses around those resources. The amazing thing is, many of them are free!

Dell’s subject matter experts are legion. They don’t cost you anything, you just have to know enough to reach out to them, and they are happy if you say, “Thank you!” (Although it never hurts to acknowledge their contribution to their managers once the deal is done).

Of that group, the ETs or Enterprise Technologists are some of the best and brightest at Dell, and are a perfect example of the kind of resources you can leverage, with a little effort. They are highly experienced technologists who can go in-depth on a variety of subjects, solve complex design scenarios, guide you through potential minefields, and make complicated subjects clear and concise for customers. Think of them as super geeks with charisma.

I first engaged an ET many years ago for a Partner who was helping a bank climb out from under a heavy regulatory shadow. They needed expert guidance on Microsoft product legalities. I scheduled the call, our ET joined, helped resolve all that customer’s Microsoft questions, then asked a few penetrating ones of his own.

He understood everything that bank needed to do to get compliant again and instilled such confidence with his grasp of the situation, that the bank ended up moving its entire project over to our Partner. Instead of handling a 300k piece of the action for Microsoft software, they ended up with the entire three-million-dollar project on their plate.

ETs have been helping enable my largest initiatives ever since. In my LVAR years, it was an ET who helped me germinate the idea for our labs, one of the most profitable enterprises we ever undertook for a Partner.

There’s always been a ship full of experts at Dell, supporting everything from initial design to final implementation. Entire teams are focused on various technologies. There are even teams to keep straight and shepherd all the hundreds of details of large, complex orders through the manifold Dell processes, to ensure quick, clean delivery of that large project to a Partner or customer.

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