Ever wanted to be a writer?

The simplest part is the writing, that’s just:

Wrestling with the blank page. Once you’ve written something, deleting about half of it. Polishing what is left (over and over and over and over).

Then, you get to the art of marketing and publishing your book. It's not rocket science, but I could turn this small post into a novella with everything I’ve already learned. Key thought: None of the processes are the same as they were ten years ago.

To give you an idea of the complexities, just to get the audio-book version of "Riding on the Coattails of Genius" to market, I had to:

- First figure out the Audible/ACX requirements - Create a miniature “sound studio” in my home - Find good sound editing software (I chose Audacity) - Experiment until I could create good quality audio in Audacity - Record ten different “voices” to find one that works - Record on multiple days using that same “voice” - Figure out how to edit in Audacity - Normalize the silences between words - Master the recordings to meet ACX requirements - Title and upload properly segmented recordings to ACX

Still want to write a book? Happy to share what I’ve learned. Expect I will be enlightened in turn.

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