A Love Story - Dallas - 3 of 4

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

When Lynne came back with me from Chicago to start our life together, I was living in a two-bedroom apartment on the south side of Dallas, with my best friend Paul. Her vibrant personality brought fresh, new light and laughter into our world. I do believe Paul was immediately smitten with her. I know he was always considerate of the lovebirds who had invaded his space and never less than a gentleman in front of Lynne.

I worked for a company selling Niagara therapeutic beds across a four-state area. When I returned home from appointments, Lynne always looked like an angel when she greeted me at the door with sweet kisses. She smelled of soap and looked as fresh and lovely as a new spring’s dawn. If Paul wasn’t there, she was usually dressed in something sexy. Making love took precedence over dinner.

A lot of my appointments were in the Dallas/Fort Worth corridor, but every other week the company sent me on the road. Lynne would always go with me. We carried a demo therapy bed in the back of my van. The bed had two patented “subsonic sinusoidal motors”. They were truly miraculous motors with almost instantaneous pain relieving capabilities. The worse the pain (rheumatoid arthritis, bad back, whatever) the more likely a few minutes on the demo bed would result in a sale.

Rather than sit in a hotel room, Lynne joined me on customer visits. After the demo, she visited with the wife while the husband and I talked numbers. We made a good team and typically pulled in at least $500 a week, minus travel expenses. As soon as the lease was up on our south Dallas apartment, Lynne and I moved to a nice one-bedroom place in North Dallas.

In a few months, we headed back up to Chicago to get married. Our ceremony was in an annex custom-built for weddings, in a big church, in an expensive Chicago suburb. An elegant wood pulpit, potted trees and bushes, even a real brook ran through the center of the chapel.

A big, traditional wedding, sponsored by her wealthy parents, it was mostly attended by Lynne’s friends and family, but my mother and father, brothers and sister joined us for the event. My older brother Mark colluded with Lynne's buddies to throw me a bachelor party but when Lynne and her friends crashed the party I wasn’t a bit bothered. I would always rather have been with Lynne.

The actual wedding day went by in a blur. As we said our vows, Lynne started leaning against me like she was going to faint. I carefully cradled her waist and arm when we exited up the steps between the aisles.

At the reception, my brother Mark gave a fine toast, then it all turned into a huge party. When we finally climbed into our bridal suite bed that evening, I do believe we both fell asleep instantly.

On the way home to Texas, truckers kept honking at our newlywed graffiti covered van. Lynne happily waved back at them all.

Our life in Dallas flows in and around my memories, like a single dream of perfection. Lynne painting our faces so we looked like two big cats for Halloween (not something anyone else could of talked me into doing). Her simple joy when I sang to her. Over Christmas, a massive ice storm knocking out the electricity, leaving us huddled happily together under blankets at mom’s house for three days. Spring and summer filled with suntanned good times at pool and beach, with beers, friends, frisbees, and a beautifully-bikini-ed best friend and wife always by my side.

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