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Kent is a big guy just like me, but he has always been very active. He even took himself off to Colorado for a year to support his snowboarding habit. Once he starts something, he sticks with it which makes him pretty good at everything he takes on. 


His heart is as big as he is, but his high IQ made parenting an always interesting challenge. Now that he's grown, I treasure every moment he spends with me.


Kent has a natural engineering-oriented perspective. He can fix pretty much anything, so constantly gets calls for help from our big family. He responds willingly and never complains. He is my only child. I love him very much and am proud of the fact that he stands on his own two feet, and is a good man!  

Lately, Kent has been busy getting his new RV ready for the road. He's going to travel the USA, building his elementalcaptures.com business, taking incredible drone videos, & photographs with America's beauty as his canvas.

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