The Celestial Wars

If you enjoy supernatural fiction, you’re going to fall in love with this series... 

Three Years into the Journey 


John Campbell recrafts "The Celestial Wars" and prepares to release it from it's birthplace in the Amazon jungle out to the wide world.


Dan Johnson's magical voice talents are in high demand, but he still makes time to revisit and reenvision these characters for new listeners.

"Waite on the Ripper" Revised

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Already a rich, fully developed universe populated with characters readers love...

The Celestial Wars on Amazon - 498 ratings averaging 4.15 stars across six books

The Celestial Wars on Goodreads - 85 ratings averaging 4.56 stars

The Celestial Wars on Audible - 35 ratings averaging 4.5 stars

In its one big test advertising campaign The Ripper

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The question has to be, why spend months revising and retelling?

For Dan and I, the answer is simple...


It was a labor of love.

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The first three books in the series have already been revised and will soon be arriving in Virtual Bookstores like Apple and Kobo, as well as Libraries around the United States, and even as far away as the Metaverse.

Waite on the Ripper

Harmon Waite is a homegrown Austin P.I. He's also a Nephilim, the son of an angel. When a viscous devil once known as "Jack the Ripper" comes to his town, Harmon must find his power or fall victim to the Ripper's supernatural evil. 


Of course, that's when the fallen angel shows up.

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Waite on the Blind Angel

"The Blind Angel" is another name for Satan. He comes to Austin looking for his fellow fallen and decides to play games with Harmon and his new Nephilim friends.


But Satan likes to play the kind of games cost men their souls.

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Waite on the Hero's Journey

The Blind Angel traps Harmon Waite on a desolate world, his enemy-in-exile, the dragon whose eye he blinded when first they fought.


Marooned on a nightmare world, a monstrous dragon after him, his hero's trial by fire has only just begun.  

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