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The Celestial Wars

Three Years into the Journey 


John Campbell recrafts "The Celestial Wars" and releases it from it's birthplace in the Amazon jungle out to the wide world.


Dan Johnson's magical voice talents are in high demand, but he still makes time to revisit and reenvision these characters for new listeners.

The Celestial Wars covers

Already a rich, fully developed universe populated with characters readers love...

#1 in Fantasy Bestsellers

#1 in Superhero Bestsellers

#3 in Paranormal and Urban Bestsellers

The Celestial Wars on Amazon - 498 ratings averaging 4.15 stars across six books

The Celestial Wars on Goodreads - 85 ratings averaging 4.56 stars

The Celestial Wars on Audible - 35 ratings averaging 4.5 stars

The question has to be, why spend months revising and retelling?

For Dan and I, the answer is simple...

It was a labor of love.

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