Eva Cassidy

If you've never heard her name, you've missed hearing one of the most beautiful voices to grace our modern world...and one of music's more tragic stories. "Over the Rainbow" is the song that made Eva famous half a decade after her death.
"Waly Waly" is my own favorite, but I have an audiophile's dream of a stereo system that lets me appreciate every wonderful nuance of her voice.
What's the real story on Eva Cassidy?
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PS. I am moved every time I hear her sing. Her voice inspired me to write...



Single, small, shyly shining star

You drifted through dark firmaments

         Here and then

                   too soon gone,

                                            but your voice

Fresh as morning’s dew

Beautiful as angel’s dreams,


With seeming effortless perfection

Crystal clear cascades of expression

For all to hear, hold dear, keep near


                   sings still


                                             and so


Within your gentle genius

Our soul’s caresses.