Detective Series Writer

Detective Series Writer & Fantasy Author, John C. Campbell

Here in Austin, Texas, we have one value, one creed, and dictum that comes before all else, except for Eggs Benedict in the afternoon - and that is to Keep Austin Weird. As the town’s leading Detective Series Writer and Detective Fantasy Author, I would have to say that I’ve done more than my part to contribute to the cause.

With my series on detective Harmon Waite, I take readers down a sweltering and disquieting journey into the heart of the weirdness. A former - one might say reformed - college football player, Waite is dragged tripping and drinking into the horror show behind the mystery of a murdered young woman - the daughter of a wealthy UT benefactor who has fallen into a nightmare and wants Waite to pull him out.


With his partner, the silent juggernaut - Smoke - he and the mysterious Eirian go toe to toe with a demonic killer who has yet to be seen by still living eyes.


In the second and third titles in the series, “Waite on the Blind Angel" and "Waite on the Hero," Waite gets him and everyone around him into deep weirdness based on real Austin locations, local lore, and local Austinian outlandishness.

As the author, it’s been a whirlwind journey keeping up with the life and movements of our hero Harmon Waite. It’s the culmination of a once strident love affair with poetry, turned to prose and drink on the strange in a cosmic, epic adventure that readers can’t wait to get the eyes on.

Join me, and the BOO crew, as we follow Harmon Waite on his next big job.