Detective Series Writer

Detective Series Writer & Fantasy Author, John C. Campbell

Here in Austin, Texas, we have one value, one creed, and dictum that comes before all else, except for Eggs Benedict in the afternoon - and that is to Keep Austin Weird. As one of the town’s leading Detective Series Writer and Detective Fantasy Authors, I would have to say that I’ve done more than my part to contribute to the cause.

With my series on detective Harmon Waite, I take readers down a sweltering and disquieting journey into the heart of the weirdness.  Waite is dragged into the horror show lurking behind the mystery of a murdered young woman - the daughter of his wealthy UT benefactor who wants Waite to find the killer at all costs.


With his partner, the silent juggernaut - Smoke - he and the mysterious Eirian go toe to toe with a devil of a killer. From there the series finds weirdness on a truly, vastly celestial scale.

As the author, it’s been a whirlwind journey keeping up with the life and movements of our hero Harmon Waite. It’s the culmination of a once strident love affair with poetry, turned to prose in a cosmic, epic adventure.

Join me, and his Nephilim crew, as we follow Harmon Waite on his next big adventure.