John C. Campbell, Author in Georgetown, TX

Living the life of a storyteller is the dream for many. For me, it all begins with the love of poetry - the drive to say the truest possible thing in the fewest number of words. It begins, frankly, with a deep respect for the audience - to not waste the reader’s time or energy with unnecessary words and phrases.


Being so motivated, making the leap from writing poetry to writing long-form prose in the form of fantasy and fiction is no small move. It comes, to some degree from the realization that some stories just cannot be told in a few concise lines. To create character, we need detail, immersion, and motivation.


In my fiction series on Austin Detective Harmon Waite, the love of poetry has developed into a passion for long-form storytelling.


“A Week of Years,” available on Amazon and Audible, follows a story of love, loss, a fall from grace, and a journey back toward redemption. In my second fiction book, the beginning of my series, sees detective Harmon Waite delves into madness as he investigates the death of his client’s daughter.


Becoming a Book Author and living through the experiences of Harmon Waite has been an exhilarating and eye-opening experience, to say the least. The detective genre is one that has fascinated me for many years. The figure of the American fictional detective is one that marries the rugged individualism of the Cowboy with the duty and solitude of the police detective and repackages both into a form of the Everyman which speaks to the uniquely independent nature of the American spirit.


I hope you’ll join me on this journey as the adventures of Harmon Waite continue to grow and develop in ways that can only be imagined.