Life is good! Especially when you're living “outside the box”. Thirty years in the tech industry and sixty years in this world have paved the way to this extremely very creative life. Think of me as a traveler of the mind. I am hoping to spend the rest of my life exploring and learning new things.

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Two books out on Amazon and Audible, working on a series about an Austin detective, Harmon Waite, and since I am now doing articles for our local Sun Newspaper, I have added freelance reporter to my resume. I build websites, do digital advertising, blog and podcast, do a little sound engineering, and am an advertising enthusiast. There is even a cool invention, or two in my past. I round out my days with video production and all sorts of other creative endeavors, including helping my son with his drone company, ​www.elementalcaptures.com.

Besides helping launch Elemental Captures, I've been mentoring a very talented real estate entrepreneur as she takes wing, as well as working to promote a couple cool artists of merit. What I love most about my life nowadays, is that I can make the time to help.

Life is not all work. Friends and family bless many of my days and I love to play golf, usually with my son and good friends.


Poetry is my first love. When I should have been paying attention in high school, I was filling my notebook with poems and stories.


I went to the mountain to write poetry in my thirties (a small efficiency in south Austin), then worked on business plans, resumes and anything else that paid the rent, just so I could stand on stage at Chicago House (off 6th street) slamming my poetry.


I spent half my day reading classics by the likes of Melville,  Maugham, and Hemingway, and the other half writing. 


No TV, just a small stereo,  a comfortable chair, and a computer.

I loved it!

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Living a poet's life in South Austin